Old post’s by Lily 2011

Here are all my blog posts from 2011 – They are posts of random bollocks………….enjoy my idiotness :-0 xxx
2011 is soon over 28.11.2011

Evening all my lovelies xxx

2011 has been a mixture of bad and good for me.

Bad times – include my house needing major work caused by damp and woodworm 😦 expensive appliances breaking down on me and needed replacing, boiler, washing machine, laptop, phone. eeekkkk I can keep listing but im not gona.

Then there was the job situation, I got put onto 30 day consultation and had to re-apply for my own job. Luckily this bad time turned good with me being offered my job. Yippee!

And worst of all my health took a turn towards bad, I was a mess and got so ill at times, I have piled on the stones this year whilst struggling with my illness, and as you all know  i have not managed to stick to a diet for more than a week.

GOOD TIMES for 2011 – well I have found some excellent people on MUPS and managed to make some friends on here 🙂 Thank you for your friendship. you mean alot to me.

So for 2012 I am hoping for alot more good things to happen, I hope to sort myself out and lose these extra stones, I am thinking maybe not to make such a huge deal over a diet and just cut down and do MORE excercise. I am sure this is all I will need to do. well we will see.

Do you have any personal goals for 2012? please shre then with us all.


Lily xx

Just 3 sleeps to go …… 22.12.12

Evening all,

I just wanted to share my excitment with you all. It is just 3 more sleeps till christmas day 🙂 I am so excited. I do hope that I get a gift or 2 on the big day 🙂

I have been a very good girl this year, oh ok you got me there, I have been a good girl for 90% of the year. does that sound more truefull? lol

What are you hoping for in your stocking or under your tree this year? x

DIY SOS – 17.12.2011

My DIY SOS is nearly over……….. yippee, I cannot wait for it to be all over so that I can spend all my time doing the things I do best, make nicethings 🙂

It has been a while since I have given my full attention to making new vids and picture sets. So once the final touches have been put in place with my DIY at home I will be happy snapping and filming once again x


Ive been christmas shopping – 07.12.2011
I have done a bit of christmas shopping today.
 But…………………I forgot to buy anyones prezzies cos I got distracted by panties
Santa Claus is cummmmming to Lilys town hehehehe
I have been in a very happy christmas mood today
I have been on a little christmas panty spree.
do you like??







Boobs, Bum or legs? – 04.12.2011

Evening all,

I have changed my avatar picture to a picture of my big peachey bumLaughing

My avatar has been my leggies stuck in the air with stockings and very high heels on for ages and before that pic I had a piccie of my boobies with gloved hands covering my nipples. I love those pics so much but I fancy a change. So I have treated you all to my bum giggle giggle.

Are you a Boobie, bum or leg lover? I must admit that my bum looks nice in a hot pair or panties heheheheh

Lily xx

Need cuddles – 02.12.2011

hey peeps,

not blogged for a while, going through a bit of a crappy time again. had to re-apply for my job at work, had an interview and find out next week if I have been successful or not. fingers crossed.

Everything has been breaking and going wrong at home.

and worst of all, noboby wants my nicethings anymore 😦 gosh I miss wearing my nicethings for special friends xxx



Lily x

Lily’s update – 19.11.2011

hiya sexy peeps

I have just realised I have not told you about my first weeks weight loss. well are you ready…………..drum roll …………………. I lost 9lbs 🙂

Pretty good hey? This was down to a meal replacement diet where I had no solid food at all eeek, It was hard but had to be done to kick start me.

I have now started eating bits and pieces again but I a struggling to stay good. yikes!

lots of hours on my wobble machine is being done to help keep this 9lbs off and hopefully keep the weight falling off slowley 🙂

I will update you hunnies xxxxx

Lily’s diet update – 13.11.2011

Good evening my lovelies


I am currently on day 5 of my get slim and fit mission.

I have stuck to it 100% so far which is not like me one bit lol

Fingers crossed that I can keep it up.


I will be weighing myself on Wednesday morning, I cannot wait to see my success, well if there is any hahahaha

I will keep you all posted


Love & Hugs

Lily x

Oh no not again ………… 09.11.2011
Hiya dudes & dudettes
yes sorry peeps but I have done it again! started a health kick. yes I know they only last 5 mins with me lol.
well today has started off great 🙂
I had my breakfast shake, did a session on my crosstrainer.
Went to work and drank lots of water
Had my lunch shake and drank loads of tea 🙂
come home from work, took my dog out for a fast walk and spent 20 whole mins on my power plate.
Whilst on my power plate i had a chat with an amazing friend of mine…. Penelope
We ended up chatting for nearly an hour, I love chatting with Pen, she cheers me up so much.
then had my healthy meal pack. yum yum yum
I wanna be this fitty chick again
I have a whole 2 stone to lose to get back into these panties.
Can I do it? probably not but I am gona try ……
Watch this space cos I am gona bore the hell outta ya
love Lily xxxxx
Mups holiday? – 07.11.2011

I have been speaking to a mups friend tonight and we may be going on a little mups holiday 🙂

I am excited already and it is just an idea at the moment.

Costa del Tin Villa 🙂


Love from

Silly Lily xxxxx

I have walls – 02.11.2011

evening all

yippeeee I have floorboards, plastered walls and plastered ceiling…………

now the fun begins …………. Painting 🙂 x

Trick or Treat – 30.10.2011

You all prob know I love Halloween,

as a kid I used to go trick or treating around my neighbourhood for the whole week leading up to Halloween. My friends and I used to get loads of nice treats. We used to have pocketfuls of sweets and chocolates. and even the odd bit of cash her and there.

I don’t agree with giving cash as a treat on halloween, It is more fun for the kids to get sweeties 🙂

If I was to go Trick or treating now and I turned up on your doorstep. Would you give me a TRICK or a TREAT???

Please do tell me and everyone else who reads this. remember its just for fun 🙂 xxx

Lily xxx

I have ceilings – 24.10.2011

day 1 of the plastering and I have 2 perfect ceilings. gosh am I sad to get excited about ceilings. ooooohhhh I might have some walls tomorrow 🙂

will keep you posted and bore you abit more lol x

Lily fun times – 22.10.2011
Well hello all you lovely boys and girls.
I have not blogged for a while….. oh yeh yesterday , have you missed me??
 I have had so much going on.
as you know I am renovating my house and I have been knocking a fire place about this morning. I have had to remove some of the bricks and put in a lintel abit higher up to make room for my reclaimed cast Iron fireplace that I found on ebay for a fiver! It is the best bargain I have ever got. It is looking great.
I get the walls and ceilings plastered next week. wahhoooo I cannot wait to get my rooms back. hopefully they will be finished by christmas time 🙂
I have some more news for you sweeties. I did my first cam show last night. WOW it was amazing. We had so much fun.
here is a cute little picture for you
happy happy happy 20.10.2011

Evening all

Today I am a very happy girly, I have managed to get onto the internet for longer than 5mins. Last night my internet access was saying NO! how rude. I missed out on speaking to my friends xxxxx

Well I am on here now and having a good catch up with everyone x


I am also happy because the plasterer starts on monday 🙂 I am gona be getting ceilings and walls in my house. yippee about time. I am so excited that i am nearly weeing lol

I can’t wait 🙂 xxxxx

Friends…….. 15.10.2011

Over the last few weeks I have found out who my true friends are…….

I took my friend out the other night for her birthday, all night she moaned and winged about other friends and work. I felt exhausted and by the end of the night rather tired and fed up.

I thought why have i bothered to spend time and money on her to do something nice for her to have an evening from hell.

This last year has been a rough time for me, My house has been dropping to bits and I became very poorly. I just needed my friend. but where has she been?????? lets just say 3 visits in 6 months. hhhhmmmm, and they have been my effort.

Well can I just say I am so thankful to have met some fabulous people on mups who are what I call friends, they speak to me, have fun with me, make me laugh, make me smile and are here for me whenever I need to talk. I just can’t wait to get home from work to log onto muos to be with my friends

Luv ya

Lily xxxx

I have a floor 🙂 xxxx 09.10.2011

Morning everyone

As you may know I am doing a spot of DIY around the home.

I have had my lounge and dining room gutted due to a nasty attack of woodworm. I had to rip up and burn all the floorboards and 8 of the joists. Get a load of new floorboards delivered in time for the woodworm guys to treat them to make sure I dont get it again.

Whilst doing this I also discovered a damp problem. (damp is only a problem in the home and NOT a problem in your panties) so I had to remove all the plaster from the walls cos it was so damp it had started to crumble 😦 and whilst I was doing that I thought hhhhhmmmmm why not pull the ceilings down too.

So basically for the past few weeks I have had no floor, walls or ceilings in these rooms. yikes.

but now I have finally had my new joists and floorboards fitted. they look great and it is so good to be able to walk in those rooms now lol.

it is bloody hard work but I am getting a couple of good things out of all this hard work. Nice rooms and even better ………….nice DIY panties lol xxxx


Lily xx

Evidence of hard work – 20.09.2011

as you are all aware I have been doing a spot of DIY.

Gosh it has been so hard work.

I have got dry hard hands, back ache and sweaty underwear lol



can you see he sweat marks on my underwear?


nice hey?

toys toys and more toys – 19.09.2011

I am wanting a new naughty sexy toy, but cannot decide what to get next! I have a rabbit, a bullet and a few other vibes.

I have been looking through many online stores and just cannot decide.

what do you recommend for me to get next? giggle giggle

I am a very shy girl remember lol

Lils x

Nervous but excited – 18.09.2011

I am having so much fun in the chat room nights. I have never giggled so much and cuteprincess even got me damp. lololol

I have seen a couple of sausages over the last few nights and some very sexy ladies.

I want to return the favours so I have ordered a cam so that I can get in on the action 🙂

I am very very very nervous about caming so at the beginning I am not going to be showing my face. I am sure it will not take me long to overcome my shyness though and you may get to see all of Lily xx


See you soon

Lils xxx

hard at it! sweat and dust 16.09.2011

evening all,

I have been hard at this DIY lark all week. I have been knocking plaster off walls, pulling ceilings down, ripping fire places out and ripping up eaten floorboards (blasted woodworm ggggrrrr)

I have got bruise all over and a big fat blister on my hand. It looks awful hahah.


After a hard day at work and a few hours in the house knocking about I love a nice warm shower. and this evening when i went for a shower I took off my clothes, took off my Bra and could not believe how much I had sweated lol. I have taken a pic of my sweaty bra. I will share it with you later if you are good boys and girls xx

Holiday is now over 😦 – 14.09.2011

hi all,

I am now back from my camping trip. I had such a great time. wish I was still there…… I have missed you all loads tho x

I have come home to tons of DIY 😦 boo hoo. today I have ripped the carpet up and pulled all the skirting boards off in one room. I am knackered lol. Tomorrow I am taking some of the floorboards up because my home has been attacked by nasty woodworm and some nice men are coming to treat it. oooohhhh maybe i could treat them to my nicethings hahahahahahahahah xxx


Lily xxx

A whole new world, Lily style x 21.08.2011
Afternoon friends and loved ones.
I have not been the bubbly Lily for a while now. I have really made a mess of things and got myself feeling rubbish. Well all the crap stops now! I am going to concentrate on getting back onto the right path.
To start with I have joined a slimming club. I have gained a huge 2 stone this year 😦 and I need to get it off to feel fit, healthy and happy again. so far today I am finding it pretty good. I have prepared some lovely fruits and even made a vegetable soup which can be eaten whenever I feel hungry.
I have been on my power plate (wobble machine) and I am going for a bike ride when it cools down outside abit 🙂
So far things are going to plan. I have even felt less tired today cos I have not been sitting around doing nothing. just a little difference is an improvement.
I just hope that I can stick to it and keep going.
My next little job is to take the batteries out of my scales in the bathroom. I am a weighing addict, I get on those scales so many times a day, that is also going to stop. I am going to get weighed once a week at my slimming club. hopefully that way I will stay motivated.
Another thing that has been getting me down is the state of my home, it is a bit like a building site so I have decided to try get it sorted. I have emailed a company about the suspected rotten floorboard and emailed a door dipping company to sort my doors and fireplace out. Tomorrow I am going to ring and book the plaster so that I can get a date for the rooms to be redone. I just need to remove the old crumbly plaster off the walls 😦 messy job …..
Watch this space for my progress and if you wana encourage me along my way then please do.
speak soon my lovelies
hugs, snogs & kisses
Lily xxxxxx

not myself right now – 19.08.2011

Sorry boys and girls for my lack of appearance over this last few weeks. I am really not feeling myself. I have been feeling off for a while now 😦

I have been popping in and out of mups as much as I can but I know that I have not been my usual bubbly nice self.

All i seem to be doing at the moment is working long hours, overeating, crying and sleeping. 😦

I need cheering up. any ideas? x

Lily xx

Big Bruv – 18.08.2011

yippee big bruv has started 🙂

one thing missing tho is Davina 😦 I am missing her already! I used to watch big bruv every year but I kinda went off it the last couple of years. but this year i am gona give it a watch.

I would love to go one big bruv and walk around in my panties all day 🙂 would you watch me? xxxx

Spring cleaning? 17.08.2011

Evening all,

I have just sat down after a long busy day at the office (work) and a spout of spring cleaning. aahhh its so good to finally elax with a cup of tea and my daily fix of mups 🙂

I am a little bit confused tho… It is august and I am spring cleaning. what is that all about?

I have hoovered the whole house, even the stairs! gosh I do lead a very boring life lol x


Lily x

Last minute camping – 14.08.2011

I have just come home from a last minute unplanned camping trip. I went straight from work on friday afternoon and home today. I rushed aound so quickley on friday that I forgot to pack my panties, whoopsie lol …. 🙂 Ah well at least I created a fab pair of worn panties whilst I was away heheheheheheh xx


I am sorry for not being around this weekend, as I said above this was a spur of the moment last minute desicion, I have missed you all and I have lots of emails to respond to today. Which I will x

I am not moving from the sofa until I have answered every single one 🙂

Right I had better get reading them. See you online later aligator xxx


Love & hugs

Lily x

OH NO aarrrrggghhhh ! 11.08.2011

Oh no …………

my camera has broken 😦 this is not a good time. It just won’t switch on, I have tried recharging the batteries, tried brand new batteries but it still won’t power up!

this is not good! as i have panties to picture for orders argh….. I have had to post a pair out yesterday without any photographs of me wearing them. I didnt want to do this but the buyer had his order put back once already due to my monthly flo! and I didnt want him to wait even longer. We have agreed for me to send him a free picture set in replacement for the missing pics.

For the time being until I get a new camera sorted I am afraid I cannot send out photo’s 😦


Can anyone recommend a camera for me? I am rubbish with technology xx


Lily x

Wibble wobble giggle giggle – 07.08.2011
Good afternoon gorgeous boys and girls 🙂 are you all having a lovely weekend? I am 🙂
I have been catching up with my lovely friends, cooking lovely food and exercising on my hired power plate machine.
I have been having a right good wibble wobble, so good that my panties fell down lol
funny ha?
I so need to buy one of these machines, they are great….. think of the fab pics and videos I could create on one of these lol xx
I have my eye on one on amazon, I am saving amazon.co.uk gift certs to get myself one.
a few more pics to make you giggle lol,
look at my bottom fat wobbleing about on this pic
and my feet getting a massage hhhhhmmmmm xxxx
I love it xxxx
Speak soon hunny bunnies xxxx
Lots of love
Lily xxx
Stripping – 06.08.2011

Just a quick hello to you all.

I am spending my afternoon stripping! hahaha got you all excited then didnt I! I am stripping old crumbley plaster off my walls 😦 dirty job but gotta be done. I really dont wana do it but hey ho, the sooner i start the sooner i will finish 🙂

I will be online later, well thats if I am not buried alive under a pile of rubble


Lily xx

Wobble wobble – 04.08.2011

I have hired a power plate machine………. OMG it is fab. I just stand there and it wobbles every piece of my body. I really must get my camera out very soon 🙂

It is meant to be a lazy way to tone up and loose a few inches. lol it is good.

Thank you – 03.08.2011

Thank you all for your support through this difficult time. you are all amazing and have got me back onto my feet.

I will never get over this terrible ordeal but I will cope because I have all my amazing friends on here xxx

Lily xx

as promised….. I’m back xxx 01.08.2011

hiya everyone,

I have missed you all very much.

I am now ready to tell you why I had to run away for a while. Some of you may think it is pretty silly but it has really affected me and will affect me for a very long time

I had to make a very horrible decision last week, my doggy has been fighting cancer for the last 20 months and he started to go downhill rapidly at the beginning of last week. He had 2 tumours growing in his brain and had started to push his eye out 😦 It was awful and he was in a lot of pain. I had to take him to the vets and have him put to sleep.

This has totally broken my heart, I have had my boy since he was a puppy, i rescued him at roughly six weeks old. He and his brothers had been dumped in a dustbin at the back of my local supermarket. I took him in and loved him so much. we have had a very happy 8 years together. i just wish he was still here.

I miss him so much xxx




Lily xxx

I’ll be back very soon I promise – 26.07.2011

I am running away for a few days, I have something really awful going on in my personal life right now and I am really needed somewhere.

I will check my emails as often as possible so if you need to contact me then please do so and I will get back to you.

I will miss you all very much and I promise I will be back.

P.S I need really big hugs from my friends xxxx

See you soon

Lily xxxx

In the words of Joey from friends….How you doing xxx – 20.07.2011
Hiya lovelies
Well my healthy new fitness regime is going well. (ish)
I have been a good girl and stuck to a healthy diet and been doing alot of exercise.
I feel loads better and my nicethings are fitting me nicer.
 What do you think?







Av still got a lot of toning up to do but it all takes time 🙂
P.S, not eaten chocolate for 3 whole days now…. aaarrrrggghhhh
I need a substitute to chocolate, any ideas????
Love Lily xx
Sugar & Spice and all things nice
Lily’s new friends – 17.07.2011
Afternoon all,
how are you all this wet and windy sunday afternoon.
I have got myself a few new friends….. wana see?


Minnie mouse
but who is this one? any ideas anyone? xxxx
Lily x
wheres the sunshine gone 13.07.2011
Evening boys and girls
I hope this finds you all very well this evening.
Well where has the summer sunshine gone???? I am sooooooo cold bbbbrrrrrr
the weather has been rubbish this week, so rubbish that I have resorted to snuggling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and blanket.
A blanket in July! OMG lol
Whilst I have been snuggled up at home in the cold evenings I have been doing some doodleing lol
I got one of those felt coulouring pictures. Do you like? hahahah
If you really like it and want it contact me and it can be yours. I will even sign it for you lol
Do you peeps want an update on my new health regime??
well its not that great. I have been really good with what I eat and done loads of exercise but guess what, I have not yet lost a single pound.
I am so gutted, I have worked so hard 😦
I am not giving up tho…..staying positive
speak soon
Love Lily xxx
I LOVE British weather – 08.07.2011
British weather is so strange, one minute its red hot, the next it is freezing cold. one day its glorious sunshine and the next we are 3ft under snow.
But the weather that I love the most is thunder and lightening rain storms. these are the best when I am snuggled up on the sofa with a cuppa lol x
but do you know what is even better? when the sun starts coming out after a storm and makes a very colourful sight in the sky…….


a rainbow, I am always amazed by these.
Do you think that there will be a pot of gold in the garden of that house?
Lily xx
Diet day 2 – 05.07.2011

Evening everyone

don’t worry I am not gona blog everyday about my diet but I just have to today!  I have acheived day 2 and I am so chuffed 🙂 maybe this is a start of good times lol.

I will be able to fit into my snug nicethings in no time lol.

I am gona be doing some more exercise vids and pic sets soon. how about naked trampolining? lol


Lily x

Diet Day 1…. – 04.07.2011

hey all,

i thought I would quickly tell you how day 1 has gone. GREAT BIG TICK! I have stuck to my eating plan 100% wahoooo I just hope I can keep it up.

Not started any exercise yet tho………. waiting for my orders lol x

Seriously time to get FIT – 06.07.2011
Right all
I have been moaning for ages about how much weight I have gained this year.
I can only blame myself cos I am the one that shoves the food into my mouth. right well it stops now.
I am going to follow a healthy well ballanced diet and exercise program to trim back into shape. I was so much happier when I exercised regulary. at the moment I haven’t excercised for weeks and I am so tired. exercise gave me loads of energy and made me feel great!
I am going to keep you all updated on my progress and I would love your tips, help and support.
Do you think I can keep it up? lets see shall we……..but I am really determined this time. I just want to be fit and healthy and feel good x
Sugar & Spice
Lily xx
ouchhhhhhhy x – 28.06.2011

hiya all,

I have been to the dentist today 😦 I have not been for a very long time.. Since i was a nipper.

I have spent ages trying to find an NHS one cos private was way too expensive for little old me lol. I finally got into one and just at the right time cos I broke a tooth.

So today I have been for a check up and to get my tooth fixed. There was nothing else wrong thankfully so they fixed my tooth and gave me a good scrape, clean and polish.

They look great but I am now in loads of pain from the scrape and clean, the dentist got too close to my gums and they are a little bit sore. I hope this is just because I have not been for a very long time and my teeth and gums are not used to it. but other than this my dentist visit wasn’t so bad x


Gosh I do write about rubbish ………… lol


Lily x

Sunny sunday – 26.06.2011

WOW it is glorious here today, the sun is out and it is red hot!

Just going to put my washing out then go for a bike ride…. I need to get back into my fitness regime. I have put a stone and a half on over the last couple of months. This is down to lack of exercise ggggrrrr

I so love exercise once i get into it. i love to bike ride and power walk, i have tried running but I have 2 big things on my chest that bounce around and get in the way, i bet drivers passing by nearly crash their cars when they see me running towards them lol.

All my nicethings are now getting very tight for me so I best get off my arse and get fit so that my nicethings fit nicely again x

wish me luck xxxxxxxxxx

This made me chuckle – 24.06.2011

I am currently reading a book by Nancy Friday called Men in love – Their secret fantasies….

This particular story made me chuckle lol


“I am turned on by the fantasy of a woman wetting herself accidentally. I guess this comes from and actual happening. We had been out drinking one night last year, and my wife had to pee. I kept riding arounf looking for a place to stop and she was almost hysterical before i finally stopped at a service station. I will never forget my excitment as she ran to the restroom and found it taken. she ran back to the car and stood there nearly crying as she asked me to help her. I looked at her face and she was biting her lower lip and whimpering helplessly. I looked down at her crotch just in time to see the stream of gold flow out from under the legs of her cut-off jeans. She just stood there until she finished, then she got in the car. I took her home and screwed her in the driveway without even caring if someone looked. Now every once in a while she will dress up and wait as long as possible before letting me watch her wet herself”


hehehehehe it has proper tickled me, i can picture the scene of her peeing herself in the service station x

I found treasure 🙂 12.06.2011
So I was having abit of a tidy out last night and I came across some hidden treasure.
Panties 🙂 I forgot I had these ones…… nice huh







Do you like them?
I am going to be sorting through another set of draws later today, I do hope that I find some more hiden treasures 🙂
Love Lily xx
Whilst I was camping….. – 07.06.2011

During my camping trip I went for a very long walk down to a waterfall.

It was a scorching hot day and I was walking down hundreds of steps deep into a valley

I knew I was getting closer to the waterfall as I could hear the watr splashing. I was really hoping that all my sweat had been worth it when I reached the waterfall.

and guess what…….. I was NOT dissappointed




If I was there with nobody else I would have stripped off and had a nice cold waterfall shower to cool me down.

think of all the fun that you and I could have under that water 🙂


Love Lily x

Hi hunnies i’m home 🙂 x – 04.06.2011
I have got back from my camping trip, It was my first as I was a camping Virgin and it will not be my last. I loved it, and better still…… I made the best panties ever!!!!!
I went with my girlie friends and we did loads of walking, up and down big hills and a huge descent to the bottom of a waterfall, gosh it was a long way and the sun was so hot…..
We had a very basic campsite, it was basically a field with a small wooden hut which contained 2 small toilets and 1 cramped shower. I was a very naughty girl and only had 1 shower in the whole 4 days and nights I was there. the shower was not pleasent. but never mind cos I made some fab nicethings whilst there 🙂





More pics of my camping time to follow this blog 🙂
Missed you all tho whilst I was away, I had no signal on my phone whilst I was away so I could not keep you all updated with what I was up to xx
I am back now and planning my next camping trip. us girlies had the best time ever.
Speak soon sugar plum fairies xxx
Love Lily x
Wishes this cough would go away – 22.05.2011

There is alot of nasty bugs going around at the moment gggggrrrrrr

I am absoloutly fine apart from this stupid cough! I have had it for weeks now and it won’t do away. I can see a visit to the doctor soon to check it out and maybe give me some special medicine.

Has anybody else got or had this cough? What is a good cure……

Chocolate & Cocktails – 18.05.2011

Hey boys and girls,

Things have gone to pot for me again so I am cheering myself up with Chocolates and cocktails.

hhhhhmmmmm cosmopolitan …. yummy 🙂

I will be smiling by the end of the evening. promise lol x

Broken tooth 😦 – 16.05.2011


I have a broken tooth and no dentist 😦

I have been on the NHS waiting list for ages now and this morning I broke my tooth. I have no idea how i have managed to break it but it hurts and does not look pretty. Anyway I rang around loads of dentists and not one of them are taking on NHS patient! great!!!! I contribute to the NHS every month out of my hard earnt wages and I don’t get any benefit from it.

I am having to go Private to get my tooth fixed. One problem, How on earth am I going to get the hundreds of pounds to pay for the private bill. Gosh I am so upset ggggggrrrrr

Sorry for ranting this evening, I hope I have not made you all miserable lol x

Lily x

New Ideas – 15.05.2011

Hi all, I am going to have a very lazy and quiet sunday. I need to do some brainstorming today to think of some new ideas. I have not done anything new and exciting for a while….and I want to WOW you all.

hhhhmmmm I think I had better pull my finger out and get brainstorming fast hahahahah

One little problem tho, my head is empty and out of ideas. If I am not around for a few days please don’t worry I have just gone in to idea hibernation…… I may be a while lol x

If you wana set me to a certain challange then please let me know. I love a good challange to get my blood pumping xxx

When Im cleaning windows – 14.05.2011

Afternoon everyone

I can now see out of my windows here at home 🙂 I have just spent the last hour cleaning the outside of my windows. Gosh it was hard work.

It was great fun tho, I got lots off peeps from passing cars giggle giggle. it made me smile. oh and I fell off my ladder. I am ok tho just got a bruised bottom hhah x

I could add window cleaning to my list of things I can do 🙂 x

I think I have an addiction – 13.05.2011

I think I have an addiction to sexy underwear and shoes……

I have just spent the last of my Amazon gift certs on a gorgeous pair of shoes, they are sooooooooooo sexy.

Does anybody else have an addiction to anything else besides our number 1 (panties)


Lily xxx

DIY weekend – 08.05.2011

Hiya panty boys & girls

are you all having a nice weekend? what are you all up to? and whats the weather like where you are. Here the weather is pretty awful, rain rain and more rain. but that is good for me as I am doing a spot of DIY. I am decorating. gosh it is hard work but ok because the sun is not out. If the sunshine was out then I would want to be outside enjoying the rays.

I just wanted to pop in to say hello as I am being kept very busy with the DIY. I should hopefully be finished today so I will be back online soon.

Ah well I best crack on and get started. The sooner I carry on the sooner I can be back to enjoy myself on mups

bye for now, speak very soon


Lily xxxx

WOW what another great weekend – 02.05.2011


It has been another great weekend, lots of sunshine to enjoy and spent loads of time with family and friends. I also got a gorgeous piece of jewellery. it is stunning…

I am really loving these 4 day weekends, just wish we had more of them lol. not long to wait and we get another extended weekend at the end of may. Us girlies are hoping to go camping on this weekend. fingers crossed the weather is still nice 🙂 oh an I have a week off work soon. wahhoooo I cant wait.

Love & hugs

Lily x

Cheeky gifts 🙂 x- 30.04.2011
Hiya all
Sorry I have not blogged for a while. Naughty Lily
Well I am here now 🙂
I have been treated to some fab gifts from one of my favourite online kinky stores.
thank you very much my special friends who have sent me these prezzies..
you know who you are 🙂 xxxx
A huge glittery pink jellie dildo, its sooooo cute
A tiny pocket sized bullet vibe
Not 1 but 2 sets of gold love eggs
Aren’t I a lucky Lily, I have not had chance to play with them all yet but I cannot wait to play with them.
Giggle giggle
love lily xx
Easter going good so far – 24.04.2011

Happy Easter everyone xxx

Well my easter weekend is going great, yesterday I had a BBQ and a few cheeky drinkies in the sunshine. My friend and I then thought it would be a great Idea to put the tent up in the garden and do a spot of camping in the garden.

It was such a great night, we had a game of monopoly and a few more drinkies, gosh we do sound sad don’t we lol… Well as the drinks were flowing we decided to do a little photo shoot of our panties in the tent lol.

As for today I have been playing the easter bunny and delivering all my nieces and nephews their easter eggs. they were so pleased with which ones I had got them. aw bless them.

I got a new neice last weekend, did I tell you? she is gorgeous and she has been named after a very nice girl. She has been named Lily after me……so cute, and I am so honoured to share my name with such a beautiful girl xx

Enjoy the rest of your easter all you sexy bunnies


Love Lily xxx

Long weekend of pleasure – 22.04.2011

Happy Easter everyone

I love bank holiday weekends, especially when we have a friday and a monday off work 🙂

Today I am just chilling out and recovering from this silly cold that I have…ggggrrrrr but tomorrow I am going to the seaside with family 🙂 I love going to the seaside and my favourite thing at the seaside is playing on the 2p machines and winning loads of silly prizes. I love silly prizes 🙂

I save up all my 2p’s so that I can go to the seaside. I am vey lucky cos the seaside is only a 30 min drive away so it doesn’t take to long, and I love to eat chips, donuts and ice cream…. so much for my diet lol oh well it is easter and I can’t diet whilst there are easter eggs about 🙂

I haven’t got an easter egg so far this year, I can remember when I was a young girl…. I used to get 10 – 12 eggs every year. not anymore Frown

What are your plans for this easter hunnies and how easter eggs have you got so far????


Love Lily x

nearly easter – 16.04.2011

It is nearly easter. I love easter, especially the chocolate eggs hahahah yummy. healthy eating on hold over the easter period.

I am going to be writing my easter cards this weekend 🙂 I love sending out cards to family and friends xx

What is your favourite type of easter egg? xxxx

My first ever week wear – 13.04.2011

well boys and girls

I have agreed to wear a pair of sexy panties for a week, a full 7 days. I have never done this before. I was a week wear Virgin giggle giggle……well not anymore 🙂 I am on day 3 and am loving every minute. so far they are looking and smelling fab. They are going to be totally amazing by the end of the week.

The new owner of these nice things is a very lucky boy hhhhhmmmmm xxxx

Love Lily xxx

WOW what a weekend- 10.04.2011
I have had the best weekend ever! well this year anyway lol.
I went on a joint hen and stag party. We went paintballing yesterday morning. we did Girls vs Boys and guess who won???? Us girls of course. It was red hot yesterday and I was sweating like mad cos I had soooo many layers on to protect me.
I got shot a few times and OMG it bloody hurt. take a look at my war wounds ouch …..
Ouch they are so sore and really bruised. The paintballs travel at around 200mph when they are fired. I was so scared and I hid behind trees most of the time lol
It was great fun but do not think I will be doing it again in a hurry lol
After the 5 hours of running around and hiding in the woods I went home to get showered and beautified for painting the town red and having a good dance.
It was a great night and I had such a good time. I danced all night and my poor little feet are also really hurting.
I didn’t get home until 3.30am this morning and was up early at 8.30am so I am very very tired now 😦
I set myself a naughty little challange, and this was to get the girls to let me take pics of their knickers. well I didn’t do to good with this task, I didn’t get many panty shots but I did get some other fab photos. Here are a few of them.
They are of my friends and I did have there permission and have got permission to put them on my blog as long as I keep their identity private.



They are good aren’t they 🙂 I have a few more good pics aswell as these.
Gosh I could talk for ages about my fun night out but I am struggling to keep my eyes open.
ssssooooooooooo tired
Good night all my lovelies
Lily xxxxx
Hot task…. so excited- 08.04.2011

I am going out tomorrow 🙂 Paintballing and then to paint the town red and dance the night away.

I may be covered in bruises on sunday after my paintballing session and my night out. ouch!!!!

I have given myself a naughty little task for saturday evening, I am going to try get the girlies who are out and about to flash their knickers at me. How many different girls panties do you think I will manage to get? whoever guesses the closest will win a nice prize 🙂 lets play xxxx


Lily x

Thank Thursday – 07.04.2011

Thank thursday ….. and its nearly over which means it is Friday tomorrow and then comes saturday 🙂

Aren’t I clever lol xx

I am so looking forward to this weekend, I am letting my hair down and this is something I have not done in a long time.

Saturday day I am going paintballing on a joint Stag & Hen party (Come on the hens) and then after we have been splattered with paint we are all nipping home to get showered and pantie change and make ourselves look beautiful to hit the town for drinks and dancing. I cannot wait to have a good dance.

Does anybody wana share a drink with me lol xxxx

Lily xxxx

Tears have stopped – 06.04.2011

Evening all,

Thank you everyone for your support.

This horrible guy has been blocked from my profile and from my hotmail. It is so nice not to have to see his name when I log on.

I raised a ticket with MUPS and they were great and have really reassured me. MUPS you are great.

If any of you lovely ladies out there ever get a guy being 1 bit aggressive with you. don’t put up with it like I did. xxx

I can now start looking forward again now and carry on enjoying MUPS



Love Lily xxx

The tears won’t stop – 05.04.2011

I have had a very emotional week and the tears won’t stop

I have been made to feel very uncomfitable by a buyer and I have had to report him. I have never felt so threatened in my life and I feel very scared.

I have blocked him on MUPS and blocked his email address on my emails, everytime i saw his email address I felt sick.

I just don’t know what I did wrong 😦

This has really knocked my confidence and I am not sure what to do

Excited, 5 sleeps to go – 04.04.2011
Evening all
Yippeee thats another mardy monday out the way. as you might know I do not like mondays at all. but my monday has been made good by wearing this sexy silk thong for a very lucky boy xx
I really don’t wana send it cos it is so gorgeous but I have had loads of fun with it and its time for someone else to enjoy it.
I m going out on saturday, 5 sleeps to go………..
I am going on an all day outing with my friends. It is a joint hen & stag party. (Batchelor & Batchelorette)
I am so excited 🙂 It is going to be so much fun!!! In the day we are going paintballing. We are doing Hens Vs Stags…….come on the girls!!!!!!!!
and at night we are all going out drinking.
I am so excited, I have not been out for such a long time.
I just need to get a new dress for the evening. Yikes, might have to raid my friends wardrobe lol x
and I have set myself a little challenge, I am going to try get some of the girlies to pose for some panty shots. I wonder how many I can get to flash me their knickers lol xxx
OMG I hope I can get some to share with you now hahahaha.
Changing the subject now cos I am getting a bit excited… I am after a new camera to make my pic sets even better but I have no idea what I need. Would you be able to advise me on what is a good camera and what I should look for. nothing too expensive tho please .  I alse need it to make my hot sexy videos.
I have always fancied the option where it takes about 10-15 shots with one click so that I can get the best frame… does that make sense lol xxx
I hope you can advise me on the camera ..
love Lily xxxx
Happy Mothers day –  03.04.2011

Happy mothers day to all you mummy’s out there. Enjoy your special day. You deserve it.

I am not a mummy myself, well I am to my doggies lol.

I cannot wait to go see my mum tonight to spoil her rotten xxxx

and relax  – 01.04.2011

and letting out a big sigh…….

wow what a week, I am knackered and really ready for this weekend. I have got nothing planned and I am goin to chill out and relax cos I am going to need loads of energy for next weekend as I am going on a friends Hen party. I love Hen Parties 🙂

What are you all up to this weekend xxx


Lily xx

Wet Wednesday – 30.03.2011

today is very wet wednesday…………

I hope you lot are thinking of rain and nothing else lol you mucky minded lot.

alright alright, I got a bit wet earlier in the rain and now I can’t stop sneezing…. aaaaaachooooo, then when I got home I got in the shower and got even wetter. lol Lets hope my wetness comes in threes 🙂

I wonder how wet I can get in bed. (from being hot and sweating nothing else) gosh you lot have very dirty minds lol.  hhhhmmmmm I actually love a dirty mind 🙂 ooopps getting carried away now lol x


Last night I ordered myself a totally gorgeous princess dress, Thats right, I WANA BE A PRINCESS!!!! I wana look and feel like a princess. The dress is sooooooo cute, pretty, lacey & sparkley xxxxx Heaven


Love Lily xxx

Monday made good! – 28.03.2011

Monday’s are rubbish!

I am not a monday person at all. The only things I like about mondays is that I get to watch the soaps on TV and come on here to play 🙂

Although today has been a different monday, I have had a great monday cos I am wearing super hot panties, they are sooooooooo cute.

I also cannot wait to get into bed tonight in these super cute panties. can you guess what I am going to be up to lol xx



love Lils xxxxxxx

Hi hunny’s I’m home xxx – 27.03.2011


I am back and better than ever. I am so sorry I abanded you all for a few days. I know it was only 4 days but It felt like a year. I have missed you all and am so pleased to be 100% better.

I promise never to leave so suddenly again. xxx


Lily x

Sad goodbye for a short time 😦 – 23.03.2011

evening all

I have some sad news, I am going to be offline for a little while. I am not vey well and I have got a few things to sort out at home and I will not be able to give my full attention for a short while.

I will check my emails as often as possible and will respond as soon as I can. so if you need me just drop me a mail xxx nice.things1983@hotmail.co.uk

I really don’t want to say goodbye but I promise it will not be for long. Please don’t forget about me and I will see you very soon.


Love to you all

Lily xxxxxxx

Wahoo 7lbs – 14.03.2011

evening all

I went and got weighed today and I have lost 7lbs wahoooo I am so pleased 🙂

It has been a rough and hard week but I feel great, Look out for the new trimmer me as I start listing nice things xxxxxxxx

Here comes week 2. wish me luck xx

Wet and tired – 13.03.2011

ha ha ha before you all get excited it is not what you think.

I have been washing and cleaning my car…….nothing else 🙂

I have spent the last couple of hours giving my filthy mud covered car a good clean. It now looks brand new. and i cleaned the inside and hoovered it out. my hoover is a bit rubbish tho 😦 never mind. looks loads better now.

i keep looking out the window at it now, all shiney and pretty. I love my car….gosh aren’t I sad lol

Sorry for being away 😦 – 12.03.2011

Hi all

so sorry I haven’t blogged or been online much in the last few days.

My doggy is very poorly, he has got Lymphoma and has been having chemo treatment for some time now but a few days ago he got very poorly, he picked up a bad infection and has had to have visits to the vets everyday.

He is lots better now and I can now relax abit. He has never been poorly like this before.

The vets fees are so expensive so I haven’t been able to purchase any new nice things for a while but that doesn’t matter just as long as my doggy gets better. I think the credit card will have to come out soon tho to pay for the next lot of vets fees 😦


I hope that he carries on getting better cos he is so precious to me


Lily x

Feels so good being bad – 17.03.2011

This song is currently my favourite, I love the words giggle giggle

Rihanna’s S&M


Feels so good being bad
There’s no way I’m turning back
Now the pain is my pleasure cause nothing could measure

Love is great, love is fine

Out the box, outta line
The affliction of the feeling leaves me wanting more

Cause I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it
Sex in the air, I don’t care, I love the smell of it
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But chains and whips excite me

who else thinks it is great? it really turns me on


Lily x

Double Whamey – 04.03.2011

2 good things today for me 🙂

firstly it is friday so the weekend is here, no work now for 2 whole days 🙂 I love the weekends cos I get to stay in bed a little longer in the morning and I get to spend loads of time doing what I love the most… Talking to my lovely friends on here and making my nice things yummy 🙂

My other good thing is that it is my juiciest and wetest time for my panties so I know that i will be having loads of fun and playtime this weekend.

What is everyone up to this weekend?


Love Lily xx

nearly there …… – 03.03.2011

Wow nearly there

it is nearly my favourite time of the week. The weekend 🙂

I am having a confusing night tonight. I have a banner but I have no idea how to get the HTML code for it. I am so rubbish with all this computer IT stuff. If anyone out there knows about computer things and banners etc please help me.

pretty please with a cherry on top xxxx

has anybody been watching that drama Marchlands??? it is very good but its the last one tonight. my eyes are glued to the tv lol xx

Yippee girlie night 🙂 – 02.03.2011


I have a girley night out planned 🙂 I have not been out for a while. what with being ill and busy at work.

I am so looking forward to getting out on the town with my gilrlfriends.

My camera will defo be needed on this night out. only 10 sleeps till these event happens.

I am soooooooo excited, can you tell lol xxxxx


Oh noi! I had better start thinking about an outfit or can I just go out in my underwear lol xxx (very big grin)

hypnosis – 28.02.2011

evening all you sexy bums

as you know i am struggling with my eating habits and little bit of extra lbs on my body. well i have just added a weight loss hypnosis app onto my phone.

I am going to lay in bed now to give it a go.

I shall report tomorrow to let you know how i get on, although I will prob get bored after 5 mins and either have a naughty cheeky play or fall asleep. lol

speak laters sexy people xx

Lily xxxxx

Can’t stop eating – 27.02.2011

evening all

I have had such a lovely weekend but I have a little problem. I can’t stop eating.

I am constantly eating and the weight is piling on. I have put a stone on since christmas and it is really getting me down. I know it is my own fault and i should just stop eating but I am finding it hard.

I am trying to do as much exercise as possible to burn off the excess calories but then I just shove even more food into my mouth.

Has anyone ever tried hypnopheropy? I am thinking of maybe going to a few sessions to retrain my bad eating habits.

Please help me hunnies 😦 xxx


love greedy Lily xxxx

I feel great – 26.02.2011

Hiya boys and girls

Today I have woken up feeling great. I had the best night sleep and I feel so happy 🙂

I think that today is going to be a great day….

Speak to you sexy people later xxxxxxx

Have a great Saturday


Lily xxxx

Hhhmmmmmm Vino – 25.02.2011

After my rubbish week I am having a well deserved glass of wine. hhhmm it is going down so well. Anybody want to join me?

So my week has consisted of water leaks, bad headache, stress at work and a scarey time waster threatening me. gosh it has been really bad. oh yeh and no panties to prepare so I am having to put them all in the wash tomorrow. what a waste of tasty nice things. lol xxx

What is everyone doing this weekend? I have a busy one this week, av got my leaky bathroom to fix and a few bits and piece for my camping trip with the girls 🙂 other than that I might have a little walk in the park if the sunshine comes out.


Lily xx

ouch 😦 – 22.02.2011

hiya all,

things are going from bad to worse for me at the min.

I have now got a banging headache and feel really rubbish. I am going to go and get snuggled up in my warm bed and try sleep this pain off.

That is good news for all of you tho, I won’t be online tonight to annoy you ha ha ha ha

Hugs & kisses

Lily xxxxxx

Argh wet nightmare – 22.02.2011

Evening all

This month is just not my month 😦 everything is going wrong.

The latest disaster happened tonight. I got home from my extra long bike ride and felt a bit grubbey so I went and had a nice relaxing shower. My shower was lovely but when I had dried off and dried my hair I went downstairs cook my spag bol.

I went into the kitchen and noticed the floor was wet. I looked up at the ceiling and it was dripping with water. aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh NO!!! I ran upstairs to see where it was coming from. I had no Idea????

My shower is over the bath so I removed the bath panel to have a look to see if I could see what was happening. I still couldn’t see anything so I pulled my bathroom lino up. under the lino the floor was wet through 😦

I have no idea where the water has come from, I think it has come from the glass shower screen and has been dripping down the bath panel onto the floor and then running under the bath panel to then get under the lino. It looks like it has been getting wet for a while as it was proper soggy and looks abit rotten on the chipboard which is screwed ontop of the floorboards to level the floor. I hope the floorboards have gone all soggey and rotten 😦

The water has stopped dripping now and I have soaked most of it up and I have left the lino pulled up to let it dry out a bit. I daren’t switch the kitchen lights on incase they are full of water. I will cook in the dark for the moment until I know it is safe.

My brother is going to come round tomorrow to take a look and see what needs to be done. Gosh I really hope it is nothing serious and it can be fixed easily. This is not what I need right now. I just wana cry 😦 boo hoo

Big hugs needed

Lily xxxxxx

Back on the Wagon? – 21.02.2011

Well the winter months are still here but the summer months are just around that corner.

I need to get back onto my healthy eating and excercise wagon. I have been trying to get back on it since new year but I have a little problem. When I am stressed out I eat.

well the last few weeks have been very stressfull for me with my full time job being so busy and messy so I have been munching for england!

I thought that if my eating habits are on the slippery down slope then the best thing i could do to help myself was to hammer the exercise. Well I have been doing. Tonight I got home from work and got onto by bike, I did my usual 4 mile trek. when I got back I jumped onto my crosstrainer and managed a full 20mins.

Gosh my legs are killing me now lol. No pain no gain.

same again tomorrow me thinks, does that mean I can have a slice of cake ha ha ha xxxx

Funday Sunday xx – 20.02.2011

Hiya sexy guys & girls

Today has been a very fun sunday. Had visitors round today all day. We have loads of fun playing old and new board games.
We played guess who, downfall, battleships, cluedo and Bingo! I must have had a stroke of luck today cos I won quite a few of the games lol.

What game would you like to play with me???? board games that is sweeties. P.S you wouldn’t be bored playing with me ha ha ha ha ha.

I was trying to put a new ringtone on my phone last night, I wanted to put Rihanna’s S&M song on it but I couldn’t figure out how to do it 😦
I managed to crop the song in itunes down to 30 seconds but I couldn’t save it as a m4r instead of a m4a. If anyone knows how to do this and has the patience to talk me through it on email or messenger please please contact me. I will of course reward you as a thank you if we are successful ha ha ha ha

I am soo rubbish with computers and phones. lol I should stick with paper and pen! I would be safe then ha xx

Hugs & Kisses
Lily x

Bad day – 18.02.2011

Evening all

I have had the worst day ever today, really stressfull at work and I ended up breaking down in tears infront of every one. aaarrrrrggghhh I feel like such a fool.

I really need cheering up and I know that I will defo be cheered up on here this evening. If you fancy a chat just give me a nudge 🙂

Hope to speak to you soon xx


P.S – I hope that I haven’t put a downer on your evening by telling you my embarassing bad day. xxxx


Lily xxx

The Brits – 15.02.2011


It is one of my favourite evenings of the year. The Brit awards are on and so far I have loved every minute of it 🙂 I can’t wait to see Lady Gaga perform. I hope she is good.

I went to see her live in concert last year. she was amazing.

Does anybody else like Lady Gaga?????? or am I the only one giggle xxxx

Happy Valentines day – 14.02.2011

Evening all

Happy Valentines day, I hope you are all having a lovely day and are being spoilt by loved ones and spoiling your loved ones xxxx

I got a gorgeous bunch of 12 red roses and a single red rose, I know who the single red rose is from but I have no idea who the 12 roses are from. Thank you Mr B for my gorgeous red rose, It is so beautiful, and you have treated me to those sexy shoes that are on there way. Thank you so much….you really spoil me 🙂 I hope you like your valentines prezzie from me xxxxx

Right now for the bunch of 12 red roses, please give me a clue who sent them to me, I really have no idea  xxx The card read “To my special girl Lily, I love everything you do. I will always be yours” Oh my I am racking my brains trying to figure out who they are from. please please please tell me. I love them by the way and they brought tears to my eyes cos I have never been spoilt like this before. I feel very loved xxxxx

I have had a tough few months and being on MUPS and talking to all you lovely new friends has really got me through the bad time I have been having.

Well I am going for a romantic meal for one of spag bol infront of the soaps tonight. I will be online all nght so if you fancy a natter just give me a nudge.


Enjoy your valentines evening all you sexy people

Hugs & Kisses

Lily xxxxx

 13.02.2011 – So Hungry

Hiya all

It is only 1.10pm on sunday and I have eaten loads already today 😦

I am so hungry and do not know why. I need to stop eatin otherwise I will not be able to get off this sofa. lol, hhm actually maybe staying on the sofa all day is a very good idea. I love having lazy sundays and I haven’t really had one for a while.

well I think I have made my mind up, I am going to stay on the sofa all day and catch up with all my favourite people, oh and eat even more. ha ha ha my diet can always start again on monday lol xx but what if I get some surprise Valentines chocolates on monday? diet will be pushed back to Tuesday.

What is everyone up to today?xxx

Hugs & Kisses

Lily xxx

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Well hello

Hiya all


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